who is zee?


a community-based, social-first platform created to amplify the voices of Generation Z(EE), giving creators and writers the freedom to determine what they want to publish, when they want to create, and what topics they want to cover.

ZEE was founded knowing that:

  • Gen Z creators deserve a platform where they can publish and post authentic content without concerns of editing or restructuring that limits their expression
  • Gen Z creators are best at knowing the type of content that other Gen Z-ers want to see and read, thus they should be the primary source of that Gen Z-targeted content
  • Gen Z-ers and Gen Z creators are a diverse group, and we have the responsibility of showcasing that diversity and giving all creators the same, equal platform
  • Gen Z-ers are smart, aware, super cool, and deserving of respect




Emma Havighorst is one of the founders of ZEE. She is a sophomore at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business, majoring in Marketing with a minor in Digital Technologies & Emerging Media and a concentration in Strategic Branding. (Whew, that was a mouthful.) She’s about to be studying abroad in London and is very excited to learn about #culture on here and share that knowledge with everyone. Emma’s free time consists of making bad jokes, taking naps, drinking too much caffeine, browsing any and all social media apps, and finding the closest donuts to shove in her face.



Ana Mangini is one of the founders of ZEE. Like Emma, she is a sophomore at Fordham University, majoring in Digital Technologies & Emerging Media with minors in French and Political Science on the Pre-Law Track (YEET). She loves meeting new people and sharing way too much about herself to ~literally~ anyone that will listen. In her free time she loves spending excessive amounts of time in bookstores, going to any concert she can afford, procrastinating, LATTES, and napping the day away.









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