A to ZEE Weekly: 5/18

Hi All, and welcome back to A to ZEE Weekly. Today is May 18th, 2018. Happy Friday!

Three Americans were released from North Korea this week. The three were brought back from North Korea with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday and were all in good health.

Gina Haspel, Trump’s controversial pick for CIA Director, faced a divided Senate Intelligence Committee this week, with some members praising Haspel’s years of service, and others question the usage of torture that was implemented under her watch, and her refusal to comment on whether or not it was morally or ethically wrong. Senator Warner, the Democratic chair of the committee said that Haspel’s commitment to not instituting programs of torture as the director of the CIA is not enough.

President Trump announced that he would be making good on his campaign promise to withdraw from the Iran Deal on Tuesday. The deal had prevented Iran from expanding its nuclear program. Other signatories of the deal say that they regret the decision to withdraw. American political commentators have called the move “deliberate self-sabotage.”

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, has uncovered a document that alleges to connect Trump’s Stormy Daniels’ payoff to his connections to the Russian government. The document is not public, but is under federal investigation.  

The first big Primary Night of 2018 was this past Tuesday, and the results show that Democrats are turning away from the intra-party division that may have cost them the 2016 election– and are instead working together to make the Blue Wave a November 2018 reality.

Melania unrolled her official platform this week– the “Be Best” campaign. Other than making little grammatical sense, the platform was also criticized for looking familiar–almost exactly the same as Michelle Obama’s platform. Melania also landed herself in hot water when several lines of her speech at the Republican National Convention of 2016 seemed to be directly lifted from Michelle Obama’s speech in 2008. Portions of Melania’s platform flyer were completely identical to a pamphlet the office of the First Lady Michelle Obama put out only four years ago, in 2014.

Roman Polanski referred to the #MeToo movement this week as “total hypocrisy” and “collective hysteria” in what has to be the most un-righteous display of indignation ever.  The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences revoked his membership days later. Oops!

The Met Gala was this week, and this year’s theme was “Heavenly Bodies.” You can see some of the night’s biggest outfits here.

Donald Glover, who publishes his music under the pen name Childish Gambino, released the music video for his single “This is America” this week, after a weekend of both hosting and acting as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. The video is a performance art piece on the experience of being black in America.

That wraps up this week for us! Your pop culture plug is Taylor Swift’s Reputation, which is propelling me through finals week, aided by copious amounts of caffeine. Go forth and be news savvy. I’ll see you on Friday.


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