A to ZEE Weekly

By: Allison Lantagne

Hi all, and welcome back to A to ZEE Weekly! Today April 20th, 2018. Happy Friday!

Former First Lady and First Mother Barbara Bush passed away at 92 this week. She passed comfortably in her home, surrounded by loved ones.

First Daughter Ivanka Trump and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin visited Derry, New Hampshire this week (although Ivanka incorrectly said she was visiting Manchester). The goal of the trip was to generate excitement surrounding the new tax plan. Derry residents met the federal representatives with protest signs.

Former Office star Jenna Fischer was interrupted during a speaking event at DePauw University this week by university students who were protesting in light of recent racist and insensitive comments that were left around campus. Fischer has split her pay from the event between the NAACP, The Trevor Project, and the Anti-Defamation League in the name of the students of DePauw.

Starbucks will close its doors next month in order to give employees sensitivity training in response to the arrest of two black men who were waiting for their third friend to arrive before ordering a drink. The employees involved have been fired and Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schultz has apologized, but many are calling for a boycott.

A Southwest flight was forced to make an emergency landing this week when an engine broke in-flight, causing the shrapnel to break a window. The pilot, Tammie Jo Shults, has been praised widely for her calm and ultimately successful landing on the plane. She is a veteran, and one of the Navy’s first female F-18 pilots. One passenger was ultimately killed in the emergency.  

The sporting goods chain Dick’s pledged this week to destroy all of the assault weapons they currently had in stores. They committed to not selling the weapons after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, but the typical process would be to sell these guns back to the manufacturer.

Nikki Haley shot back this week after White House aides attempted to throw her under the bus for speaking on the public record about sanctions against Russia that the President later decided not to implement.  Economic adviser Larry Kudlow issued a statement implying that Haley fell victim to momentary confusion and “got out ahead of the curve.” Said Haley “I don’t get confused.”  This is only one instance in a series of Haley publicly speaking out against Trump.

That wraps up this week, y’all! Your pop culture plug is Scandal, which ended last night (RIP). Go forth and be news-savvy. I’ll see you on Friday.

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