Grown-ish Knocks It Out of the Park In the Season One Finale

By Lindsey Mutz

Review of Grown-ish episode 1×13

Grown-ish picks up right where it left off: with Cash at Zoey’s door. I give major props to Zoey that she slammed the door in his face and told him she’d text him. Because in the last episode of the season, Zoey Johnson has a big decision to make.

Aaron, Luca or Cash? Who is the right guy? Who is the best guy? Is there even a best guy? Zoey doesn’t know, but her friends have some strong opinions. Jazz and Skylar run into Cash at the gym, where he tells them that he’s considering dropping out of the NBA draft to be with Zoey. Similarly, Nomi runs into a heartbroken Luca, who is using swatches of Zoey’s old clothing to paint a portrait of her. Meanwhile, Aaron reveals to an incredibly hungover Ana that he is planning to win her back with Hamilton tickets.

The girls accost Zoey on her way to class and drag her off to help her decide who to choose. Nomi suggests they play “fuck, marry, kill” to figure it out, which arguably isn’t the most appropriate way to make such an important decision, but hilarious nonetheless. Ana thinks Zoey should end up with Aaron, which is surprising, given Ana and Aaron’s rocky past. But she points out that Aaron made Zoey interested in issues she never cared about before, and he challenges her to be a better person. I can’t argue with her there.

Jazz and Skylar think she should go with Cash, saying that someone offering to quit the NBA for you is pretty committed. They also say there’s such a special place in your heart for your first love, and it is tough to replace that. This is also true.

And lastly, Nomi: She says to go with Luca. And I kind of agree. All season long, Zoey and Luca’s relationship has grown, and it feels different than that of her relationships with Aaron and Cash. It feels effortless, it feels natural. Luca has a mysterious, enigmatic air about him, and this intrigues Zoey. And unlike Aaron and Cash, their relationship started out with friendship, and that’s why it was meant to last.

And alas, Nomi was right! Zoey chooses Luca. It will be interesting to see where Grown-ish takes them next season…there’s a lot left to explore there. Overall, Grown-ish produced an excellent first season, tackling issues ranging from free speech to safe spaces to professional athletes. The cast is superb and have real chemistry together, and the writers bring it every time. Thanks for coming along on this ride with me. Stay tuned for season two—I’ll be back with reviews, predictions and everything in between.


Image courtesy of Freeform.

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