Aaron vs. Luca: A Grownish Showdown

By Lindsey Mutz

Review of Grownish 1×12 “Crew Love”

This episode of Grownish opens with Zoey Johnson saying that kids these days hide behind social media, that we feeling comfortable enough to bare our souls to strangers online but not enough to talk to people face to face about what we are feeling. She’s not wrong. One thing everyone says about our generation is how much we rely on technology for communication. For Zoey Johnson, communication is put to the ultimate test this week as she struggles with her feelings for both Aaron and Luca.

Aaron and Luca have both been close with Zoey since the show began, and they’ve gotten closer in the past couple of episodes. Grownish has done a great job of showcasing little moments with each of them, building upon each other to create the fabric for a true relationship. There’s Luca and Zoey’s love of fashion, for example, and their internship at Teen Vogue. With Aaron, Zoey is usually with the rest of her friends, but somehow it feels like it is just the two of them. Both of these guys feel believable with her. And that is the problem.

In this episode, Zoey and her friends prepare for their university formal, and Zoey decides to check in with Luca and Aaron and see how they feel about her. She gets strong relationship vibes from Luca, who offers to make her a dress for the formal, and nothing much from Aaron, who friend-zones her in front of his buddy. Zoey is thrilled that Luca’s interest has essentially made her decision for her, until he refuses to go to the dance with her.

When at the dance, Aaron confronts Zoey and tells her he wants to make things official, and then Luca shows up and basically does the same thing. Zoey is forced to admit to herself that she has feelings for both of them, and she doesn’t know how to choose, or who to choose, for that matter. I think her having to decide between Aaron and Luca will be interesting to play out, because these two guys are so different and also because they’re great comedic actors who can make any moment both hilarious and heartbreaking in the same second.

Grown-ish actually ends on a cliffhanger, for once, with Zoey getting a knock on her door after she gets home from the formal. You’ll never guess who it is…just kidding, you can probably guess. It’s Cash. Then the screen cuts to black. Guess we’ll have to wait until next week to see what’s up with him! Putting that cliff hanger aside, this episode of Grown-ish was strong. Zoey’s dilemma between Aaron and Luca feels grounded and real, and played well with nice little comedic character moments from the supporting characters. Stay tuned next week for what will no doubt be a very exciting episode!

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