A to ZEE Weekly

by Allison Lantagne

Good morning y’all, and welcome back to A to ZEE Weekly. It is March 9th, 2018. Happy Friday!

Thursday was International Women’s Day, and McDonald’s celebrated by… turning the Golden Arches upside down? I mean, cool, but we’d really just love to be paid the same. Or to not be assaulted on the regular. We don’t ask for much, y’all.

The most dramatic Bachelor Finale EVER aired on Monday and Tuesday night, when Bachelor Arie proposed to Becca K, only to invite cameras to a “Happy Couples Weekend” so that he could call off the engagement and make reparations with Lauren B, his runner up. As if all of this wasn’t in poor enough taste, he then PROPOSED to Lauren during the “After The Final Rose” debrief show. Trash moves only, I guess. It’s okay, though, because Bekah M.’s side eye during the proposal gave all of Bachelor Nation life. A Minnesotan lawmaker has even proposed a bill to ban Arie from the state that Becca is from, although Becca likely won’t be spending much time there as she is the new Bachelorette! I have no clue how she feels like she can trust this process again, but good for her. Her season will begin in late May.

The Oscars were this past Sunday, with The Shape of Water taking home the statue for Best Picture. Other notable wins include Allison Janney’s first Oscar for her portrayal of LaVona Harding, Tonya Harding’s mother, in I, Tonya, and Jordan Peele’s Best Original Screenplay win for Get Out.

Likely in response to a comment Best-Actress-Winner Frances McDormand made about inclusion riders during her acceptance speech, Michael B. Jordan has announced that his production company will include inclusion riders for all of its projects. The discussion of inclusion riders was likely sparked by the story mentioned about a month back, where Jessica Chastain linked her salary to co-star Octavia Spencer’s to ensure fair compensation.  

Stormy Daniels is now suing President Trump, claiming that the hush agreement he asked her to sign is not valid because he never signed it himself.

President Trump is also facing off with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan this week over Trump’s proposed tariff on imported metals. I mean, cool that Ryan is speaking up, but the fact that he’s speaking up now means that he, and the other Republicans coming out against the tariff, could have spoken up when Trump said there were “very fine people on both sides” of a white nationalist rally, when he defunded meals on wheels, or when he removed aid from Puerto Rico. They all chose to stay silent. Remember this in the voting booths in 2018.  

 The Tariff plan is widely unliked, with White House economic adviser Gary Cohn choosing to leave the White House over the issue, rather than staying complicit in the economic trade wars Trump seems to be gearing up for. Cohn is the 35th White House Official to leave the administration in the 413 days since he was inaugurated.

The Democratic primaries in Texas this week saw a dramatic uptick in turnout. They surpassed one million voters, a benchmark they have not hit since immediately following the September 11th attacks in 2001. Over 25 Texan women won their primaries this week, as well as progressive candidate for Ted Cruz’s seat Beto O’Rourke. Cruz is also in hot water for calling out O’Rourke for going by Beto instead of his given name, despite the fact that his own given name is Rafael.

That wraps up this week, folks! Your pop culture plug is Becca’s season of the Bachelorette, which has not aired yet, but that girl deserves all the good things. Go forth and be news-savvy. I’ll see you on Friday.

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