Zoey Gets to Work: Review of Grown-ish 1×08

Review of Grown-ish 1×08 “Erase Your Social”

By Lindsey Mutz

One of my main issues with Grown-ish so far has been how deeply it focuses on Zoey’s boy problems. College is the place to have weird, awkward, heartbreaking relationships, but it’s also much more than that. It’s about building your career and doing internships, getting a peek into the real world and the industry you want to be in. And that’s put front and center this week when Zoey and Luca score Teen Vogue fellowships.

I am so glad to see Grown-ish exploring something other than Zoey’s relationships. There is so much material to dive into in terms of professional pursuits in college. This is what every college kid is stressed about! Not everyone is pining over an ex or dating a basketball player, but everyone, no matter what, is trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives. Finding a job is one of the most important things we’ll ever do as young people, and seeing at least a part of that struggle come to fruition in this episode was reaffirming.

Zoey is obviously thrilled about scoring this prestigious fellowship, and the theme of this episode is centered on social media. Zoey takes to Instagram to humblebrag about her experiences, even going so far as to take selfies in the bathroom of the Teen Vogue headquarters. It gets a little excessive, but I think we all understand the appeal. Everyone uses social media to brag about their accomplishments. I’m guilty of it too—I can admit that I’ve shared things on Twitter or Facebook to remind people that I haven’t peaked in high school and I’m on my way to something cool, whatever that something may be.

Zoey is soon selected to shadow Teen Vogue television editor Elaine Welteroth, played by the real Elaine Welteroth, who recently left the magazine, a move that surprised many. Zoey is thrilled, and agrees to avoid posting anything on social media, per Elaine’s rules. This works for a while, but then, as addicted to the gram as she is, Zoey snaps a pic, exposing one of Teen Vogue’s new designs, and is removed from her position. She didn’t actually lose her job, and Luca took her place as Elaine’s shadow, but she might as well have. Zoey is crushed.

Her plight is too relatable. I interned for a well-known television show last year, and the company was incredibly strict on what pictures could and could not be taken, what could and could not be posted. Unlike Zoey, I was extremely careful about what I put out in public, as I was terrified that I would unknowingly violate the confidentiality agreement and get booted. Thankfully, that never happened, but a part of me was a little bummed that I couldn’t be more forthcoming about all the cool stuff I was doing. What’s a cool experience if you can’t brag a little bit? At least Zoey understands.

No Grown-ish next week, but tune in on February 28th for more of Zoey Johnson’s shenanigans!  

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