A to ZEE Weekly

By Allison Lantagne

Hey everyone, welcome back to A to ZEE Weekly! Today is February 9th, 2018, and I’m still not ready to talk about the Super Bowl.  Happy Friday!

This is Us (SPOILERS) destroyed its viewers this week almost as much as the Super Bowl destroyed me, with a two-part episode airing immediately after the big game, and then again during its regular Tuesday night timeslot. Jack may be dead, but the cast of This is Us is quick to reassure you that Crock-Pot is innocent, if that helps.

Just after the end of his first year in office, Trump is requesting a military parade. What the parade would be celebrating is unclear, but you typically don’t celebrate a person or group of people by making them dress up and march for hours while you watch, so it probably isn’t the military. While the President won’t say it himself, many are drawing the conclusion that he is requesting this parade to honor himself– which seems like the governmental equivalent of rewarding one hour of homework with six hours of Netflix, if you ask me.

This Monday, the Supreme Court refused to intervene to stop the redrawing of Pennsylvania’s congressional map. Pennsylvania’s map has been criticized for being highly gerrymandered in favor of the Republican party, and this redrawing will present an opportunity for Democrats to regain some control of a state that is densely populated with many electoral votes ahead of the 2020 election.

Also on Monday, the Dow Jones plunged over 1,100 points in one day– the most severe drop in its history. While economists don’t think this drop is cause for panic, it does come after Trump’s repeated claims to be the cause of the previous economic boom. He, unsurprisingly, did not also take the credit for the fall.

Elon Musk put a car in space this week, I assume only to show us that he can. While this is definitely part of the reason, Musk also hopes that this development will help pave the way towards reusable spacecraft, which would make space travel much less expensive, which I guess is a thing that matters when you’re Elon Musk and the idea of space travel is within your realm of possibility for life experiences.

In congressional news, the Senate released a bipartisan two-year budget deal on Wednesday, which will still have to pass through both chambers before it hits the President’s desk. You can read the full text of the bill here.  

Additionally, Nancy Pelosi broke the known record for longest speech ever given in the House of Representatives this week for her eight-hour manifesto in defense of DREAMers, those who will face deportation if Congress doesn’t pass to reinstate DACA protections via the DREAM act. Her speech, given in four-inch heels, started at 10AM on Wednesday morning and featured many Bible verses and anecdotes from those who would be affected by the DREAM act. She concluded her remarks just after 6PM that night. Per congressional rules, she was not allowed to sit or take a bathroom break during that time. She and Wendy Davis could now form a club for badass ladies who won’t yield their time. I hope they make jackets.
That’s all I’ve got for y’all this week! Your pop-culture plug is Justin Timberlake’s new album, Man of The Woods, because if that halftime show hasn’t had you humming JT under your breath all week, you’re probably lying to yourself. Go forth and be news-savvy. I’ll see you on Friday.

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