Zoey Cashes Out: Review of Grownish 1×06

Review of Grownish 1×06 “Cashin’ Out”

by Lindsey Mutz

This episode of Grown-ish opens on a fairly big reveal: Zoey and Cash have had sex. It isn’t explored or focused on, but mentioned casually at the top of the episode, indicated by just how much Zoey and Cash’s relationship has grown since we last saw them. Zoey is in love. She spends all of her time with Cash and feels happier than she ever has before. Until…

While being interviewed about his NBA draft prospects on national television, Cash gives a shout out to Zoey, saying that wherever he gets drafted, he wants her to come with him. In fact, he won’t go anywhere without her.. Zoey is surprised but flattered, and tells Cash she’ll think about it. The draft is in six months, and she would have to drop out of school and leave her friends and family behind.

Zoey goes to her friends for help only to be shut out by Nomi, who has been trying to talk to her about her problems with Dave, but Zoey is too absorbed in Cash to take interest. Nomi accuses Zoey of making everything about herself, and she’s not wrong. Zoey can be pretty self-involved, especially when boys are in the picture.

Coming back from her fallout with Nomi, Zoey walks into her room to find…Rainbow Johnson! Tracee Ellis Ross guest stars here as Zoey’s mom, furious that her daughter hasn’t been answering any of her texts or calls, and wondering why her name was being thrown around on a national sports talk show.

Zoey opens up to her Mom, telling her how serious her relationship is, and that she wants to follow Cash wherever he goes. Rainbow is rightfully appalled, and tries to talk some sense into Zoey, telling her that she raised her better than to follow a man and give up on her own dreams. She also tells Zoey that she’s much too young to make such a life changing decision.

Zoey seems to take her words to heart, but then reveals to Cash that she decided to follow him after all. And Cash, surprisingly, doesn’t seem too thrilled about the idea now. He admits that he doesn’t know exactly what he wants since he doesn’t even know where he’ll be in six months. Zoey responds that that’s not good enough for her, and that there shouldn’t be any doubt behind such a big decision. The conversation escalates, they get in a fight, and they break up.


I thought Zoey and Cash’s relationship was established fairly quickly in the beginning, and I couldn’t see what they really had in common besides physical attraction, so I wasn’t upset that they broke up. I would rather Grownish continue to explore the dynamics between the core group of friends than introduce new characters every week. Also, I was surprised at how casually they addressed Zoey having sex for the first time, and how early on in the season she decided to take that leap. It seemed like an opportunity for a storyline that could have been drawn out to have more lasting impact. Tonally, the scene felt nonchalant, in a series where even the smallest of decisions have large consequences, for Zoey and the people around her.

The end of the episode finds a distraught Zoey reconnecting with Nomi, who admits that she’s secretly glad Zoey won’t be going anywhere. I have to agree with her there, Grown-ish certainly relies on Zoey Johnson’s adventures, and we are lucky she’s sticking around. For now, at least.


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