A to ZEE Weekly

By Allison Lantagne

Hey everybody, welcome back to A to ZEE Weekly! Today is January 19th, 2018. Thanks for being good to Ana while I was gone. Happy Friday!

Allegations of coercion were brought against Aziz Ansari this week in a bombshell article from babe.net. The article has been mired in controversy, with some saying that the allegations against Ansari aren’t truly assault and therefore are unworthy of conversation in the #MeToo movement while others say that the article has been handled irresponsibly by babe.net and may have traumatized the anonymous victim more in the process. I talk more about this here.

Similarly, Matt Damon committed to shut his mouth on the subject of sexual assault and harassment after receiving backlash over his comments about analyzing sexual assault on a spectrum. He told Kathie Lee Gifford, host of the Today show, “I really wish I’d listened more before I weighed in on this.” It seems that much of Hollywood is learning that lesson this week, with professionals such as Timothée Chalamet and Greta Gerwig issuing apologies for working with Woody Allen, and in some cases donating the salaries from their work on his most recent films. These gestures are unsurprising after criticisms flew towards actors who wore #TimesUp pins and black dresses to the Golden Globes despite working with Allen in the past.

Joe Biden landed himself in hot water with the younger generations this week when he implied that current college students and young adults don’t struggle like his generation did because the major struggle for civil rights is mostly over. Millennials and Gen-Zers are finding fault within this statement on multiple counts: from an economic standpoint, life literally is harder: the cost of college has risen astronomically and the minimum wage hasn’t even kept up with inflation, let alone tuition rates. Additionally, the struggle for civil rights isn’t over. The two groups mentioned by Biden specifically are African Americans and women. And yes, those groups did achieve major victories in the ‘60’s, but to claim that the fight is over is ill-informed. African Americans are incarcerated in entirely disproportionate rates comparatively to white Americans. And if Biden isn’t living under a rock, he should be able to see pretty clearly that things aren’t equal for women, given the wave of women coming out with confessions of how hard the existence of men makes it for them to work. I mean, I know he’s probably not the most active Twitter user, but he can’t have entirely missed both #TimesUp and #MeToo?

In other government news, no continuing resolution has passed in both chambers of Congress, meaning that mere hours from now the federal government could officially shut down. Republicans are already attempting to shift blame to their colleagues across the aisle, despite being the party in control of every part of the federal government.

In more positive news, a study published this week revealed that 86% of 2017’s callers to congress were women. The future is female and it’s coming for you. Also, Michelle Obama celebrated her 54th birthday and former president Barack Obama proved to us once again that he is husband goals. And Kim Kardashian welcomed a baby girl, named Chicago.

That just about wraps up this week, y’all. Thanks for reading. This week’s pop culture plug is the movie The Post. Yes, as a history nerd, semi-journalist, and Brad Whitford fan, I am all sorts of biased on this one, but trust me anyways. It’s so good. Have a great week babes. Go forth and be news-savvy. I’ll see you next Friday.

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