A to ZEE Weekly

By Ana Mangini

Welcome back to A to Zee weekly! Today is January 12, 2018. I’m Ana, and this week I’ll be taking over for Allison.

The #TimesUp movement took to the Golden Globes on Sunday, January 7th. Celebrities donned black dresses and suits as well as #TimesUp pins in order to show support for the fight against sexual misconduct. #TimesUp is a movement against sexual assault and harassment that started in 2018. The movement holds that “the time has run out on sexual assault, harassment, and inequality in the workplace. It’s time to do something about it.” A fund has been started to provide resources for the legal cases of sexual assault victims. The movement developed after the #MeToo movement in which sexual assault victims came forward in solidarity to stand against sexual misconduct and gender inequality.

James Franco was accused of sexual misconduct following the Golden Globes. So far, five women have come forward naming Franco as their assaulter. Franco has been accused of actions ranging from abusing his position of power in sexual situations and removing female actresses plastic guards during intimate scenes. Franco has denied these allegations, but says that he will “fix it” if any wrongdoing on his part is confirmed. Franco’s name is added to a long list of A-List celebrities accused of sexual misconduct.

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens has been accused of sexual misconduct and blackmailing by his former mistress. The woman claims that Greitens took photographs of her blindfolded and restrained and threatened to release them if their affair became public knowledge. Greitens confirms the affair but denies the blackmail charges.

President Trump received backlash after using vulgar language to discuss Haiti, El Salvador, and various African countries in a meeting on immigration. According to insiders, Trump disagreed with the immigration deal that was discussed which outlined protections for immigrants from dangerous parts of the world in exchange for funding for Trump’s wall. Allegedly, the President asked why we (Americans) should accept immigrants from “shithole countries” like Haiti, El Salvador, and certain African countries, instead of places like Norway. This controversy comes after President Trump’s twitter war with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in which the two world leaders bragged about the size of their nuclear buttons.

In entertainment news, Black Panther sold more tickets in its first 24 hours than any other Marvel movie, breaking the record originally held by Captain America. According to Fandango, Black Panther is the most anticipated Marvel movie to date.

In royal news, Queen Elizabeth’s official bra fitter, Rigby and Peller, has been stripped of its royal warrant after the company’s former owner, June Kenton, released an autobiography titled “Storm in a D-Cup.” While Kenton remains a board member of the company, the “scandalous details” contained in the book have jeopardized the company’s standing, particularly with the royal family.

Cape Town, South Africa may be the first major city to completely run out of water. Unless the city starts rationing, it is projected that Cape Town will not have any water by April, 22, 2018. A system of rationing would mean that each person would be limited to 87 liters of water which is equal to about one 4 minute shower per day.

That’s it for this week! This week’s pop culture plug is Black Mirror on Netflix. It’s terrifying and brilliant. If you aren’t watching…what are you doing? Tune in next week for some updates from Allison! 

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