5 Things Gen Z-ers Love [That Aren’t Avocados or Millenial Pink Bomber Jackets]

by Gianluca Russo

Millennials get a bad rap when it comes to their taste in, well, their lives. From the overabundant love of nature’s golden fruit, the avocado, to the chic millennial pink jackets, many know the generation for their love of material things as opposed to their strides towards equality and peace.

Let’s get it out of the way: Yes, we Gen Z-ers love our smoothie bowls too, but there’s a whole lot more to our generation. Step aside, Millennial Pink, because Gen Z Yellow is taking over.

Here are 5 unique things Gen Z-ers can’t get enough of, from our signature color to activism.

  1. Following The Yellow Brick Road

The official color of Generation Z is yellow, which is, believe it or not, very fitting. Yellow is known to represent happiness, positivity, energy, optimism, and enlightenment. It’s also the color of freshness, and this generation is definitely as fresh as they come. Watch out, world, because we’re following the yellow brick road all the way to success.

  1. Net Neutrality

Seriously, though. Internet impacts every aspect of our lives from school work to college applications to job searching and social media stalking. The ruling on net neutrality has the potential to cause a drastic change in our everyday life, so yeah, it matters.

  1. Engagement

Gen Z-ers want to be engaged in everything they do. It doesn’t matter whether we’re fighting the patriarchy or watching the hottest series of the summer: we need to feel engaged. We need to feel like we have a voice and presence. If we aren’t hooked, we will simply move on — brands, companies, and the media would do well to consider this when creating and distributing content.

  1. Lorde.

She’s our queen. We live for the Melodrama.

  1. A Strong Presence

Like Millennials, Generation Z wants a voice and a strong presence. We are determined to make our mark and improve the world in any aspect that needs assistance. Gen Z-ers are empowered by those older than us and are ready to hold the torch for the next generation of freedom fighters.

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