Welcome! You’re Here! Stick Around!

Hey there, thanks for coming to hang out on this here website.

ZEE officially launches as a publishing platform on January 1st, and because you’re going to want to get to reading and viewing right away, you should follow us here and on all our socials! (Click that link to get all those @s.)

Our social channels are active as hell and we think we’re pretty darn funny and cool so you should definitely follow us on all those things. ALSO, we have submissions open — you can get all the details on what we’re looking for here.

Once we launch fully, ZEE is going to be a hub for Gen Z-created work and we’re pretty darn confident that you’re going to love what we’re throwing up here for you. We’re going to cover everything from the superficial to the serious, which means we’ll have articles on Culture and weekly TV show reviews and personal essays and relationship analyses and politics coverages and basically everything else you want to see and our creators want to put out.

Keep in touch kiddos — We’ll see you over on Insta and Twitter, and back here on Jan. 1!

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